Design Research, Facilitation, and Futures


for projects, training, or just for fun

I offer the following workshops for clients and sometimes for the public. These are all designed to be modular and custom fit to a given project. They can be stand-alone, as part of a training series, or worked into an active project.

Design Thinking

This isn’t your grandmother’s design thinking. Instead of focusing purely on human-centered design, this workshop incorporates theory and methods from systems thinking, service design, futures, and sustainable design. Learn more.

design Research Methods and sensemaking

Learn the best ways to get to know an audience and how to design for them. My approach breaks apart the scientific model of “objective” observation and calls for a much more collaborative, integrated view of research. Learn more.

Systems Thinking and Mapping

Here we focus on mapping complex problem spaces to better understand factors at play and influences that will guide design decisions. You can’t map a complex system in its entirety, but there’s a lot to be gained by trying. Learn more.

Get in touch for more details. I love doing custom workshops, so let me know if you have something different in mind.